The Swamp Lotus

Once upon a time, there was this beautiful lotus who lived in a dark and murky swamp. She embodied beauty and grace and glowed brightly under the moonlit marsh amidst all the other creatures that lived in it. Everything across the putrid wetlands showed death and decay whilst she alone epitomized life and hope despite the woes and hardships of her predicament. She was a princess caged in oblivion left to wilt for eternity. Little did she know…

Far far away, lived VeeBee the busy bee. He was the typical workaholic, buzzing around here and there, working his daily cut for the colony.

One day, VeeBee wandered around too far and got lost. He scurried to find his way back before dusk paved way. But it was futile as the darkness was already settling in. Nevertheless, he still mustered his courage and ventured forward deeper into the abyss.

It was on that day…

As the clouds cleared up across VeeBee’s path, the moon shined its light unto what he taught was the most magnificent creation he’s ever seen. It was a fateful encounter. To him, she was even better than all the pretty flowers he’d met. For she spoke in all honesty and realism. It came naturally most likely due to the environment she had gotten used to. She wanted the simple things in life and did not pretend to be some high and lofty fool. All throughout VeeBee’s life, this lone flower, is now his most special favorite.

Now as things may seem magically enchanting, and that a happy ending seems next, it wasn’t. For as the colony VeeBee lives in, looked down on swamp creatures as if they were fetid carcasses deserving to rot like whatever. And the poor bee was in a state of dilemma. Even if VeeBee knew that the lotus was really different from all those bog imps and whatnots, the colony’s eyes were simply just too condescending.

Thus, the story pauses here. I know not what the bee’s decision will be. But if that fateful encounter was fateful indeed, I hope he triumphs. And as for that beautiful lotus, let us hope that one day, she may find light and find a path to a pond flourishing with life and greener pastures.

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