The Proposal à la Seven Wonders

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17 Responses

  1. Juice says:

    great!i want to meet that man u know so well…hehehehe…is he for real?in this world and time, well, im having doubts…

  2. maine says:

    “this man who I know oh so well”, oh so well ka jan. cge na. ikaaaaw naaaa! 🙂 haha. nice nman. 🙂

  3. nicole says:

    wOooOt…This is wOnderful! keep it up and keep on writing and expressing your thoughts, ” What a beautiful mind”…

  4. glentot says:

    Haha oo nakita rin kita nun kaso hindi na kita tinawag baka sabihin mo feeling close eh hahaha. Puro bloggers mga kasama ko nun… Yung blog kong puro kapokpokan wala nang ikatitino yun haha kaya secret na lang…

  5. amaranth says:

    How can a woman not accept this proposal! haha. This will definitely sweep her off her feet, But I think there should a piece called “loyalty” in the ring- a promise that he will be forever faithful to his woman no matter how overpowering the temptation is..(Just my opinion). Nevertheless, this article is amaaazing. Kudos Veebee!

    • VeeBee says:

      hehe sige isama nlang natin yun sa honesty… for honesty bears loyalty over time 😉

      *on a side-note, magblog ka din kaya! lupet mo din magarticulate eh ;P

  6. Zyra Bambico says:

    pwede tong project sa powerpoint hihihi
    slide #1:friendship
    and so on

  7. glentot says:

    One ring to rule them all!

    Ganda ng layout mo! I didn’t know you still remember my blog haha.

  8. Maiah Lalwani says:

    impressive! who is the “man who i know oh so well” haha 🙂

  9. stix says:

    This is sweet..nicely written 🙂

  10. Lester Bambico says:

    ooooh i know i’ve read this before but i’ll be quiet about that hahaha

    • VeeBee says:

      lol ya I told you I’ll be drafting this as a story long ago… good you still remember as I’ve finally been able to do so after such a long time… lol!

  11. rPPr says:

    Wisely written by a man who I know oh so well … ^^

  12. Mikee says:

    nice blog.

    i love the golden puzzle ring(looks so vain). and the last paragraph super sweet. amazing cryo !.keep it up 🙂

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