The Parable of the Vain Princess

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” was the daily word of mouth this certain damsel who lived in a faraway land. Why if only the mirror could talk, it would exclaim some other name instead annoyed from the years of hearing such query. But it was the only phrase she knew how to utter. Not that she couldn’t speak at all, but those words were all that came out of her mouth. And she had spoken it so often that the townsfolk around her who have grown so accustomed to hearing it, they have fallen on deaf ears.

The princess is indeed a beauty. With her long black hair contrasting the milky white complexion she has, she truly bears worth in having the honorary title. Her voice was golden. Capable of bringing any unsuspecting man down to her knees and be a slave for the rest of his life. Her eyes, mesmerizing, cast spells of love. And all the townsfolk who took notice of her beauty, have grown weary of it, they have turned a blind eye.

And she was known far and wide. So well-known, that her name was spoken across continents. And she was the talk of many prominent figures. From squires to dukes, to knights and many nobles, uttering the blue blood’s name was an honor. And by merely speaking of it was divine. But the townsfolk grew tired from speaking of it over and over to the point that it was already loathsome and taboo. But they have kept a civil tongue.

The princess thought she had it all. But in truth she was losing them all. Or is it that she never had any in the first place? No matter the case, the fact remains. She is now alone. Not even her prince charming is beside her. “Mirror mirror on the wall…” she clamored once more. “Who’s the fairest of them all?…” as the high and lofty princess inquired. In her last despair, may the mirror speak its long withheld thoughts.

“Why only you my dear. For in your eyes, you only saw yourself. It has been you in the picture all along (you camwhoring bitch!). You never saw anyone else. And that the only people around you started to leave your presence as well. But you never took notice. And now you are all alone. Isn’t that what you wanted? To be the only one.”

See a parable must have some lesson at the end of the story. But the problem is that this story hasn’t ended yet. For the royal princess has yet to make a discerning. So I am leaving it all up to you oh heroin of the castle. The world does not revolve around you. I shall cast a spell upon thee. That one day you might be led by some miraculous means to read of this passage. And I hope by then, you still have your townsfolk.

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