The Dating Game

In the movie titled My Best Friend’s Girl, Tank mentioned that Dustin was conning Alex by showing her a “highlight real him” on their dating activities.

So by hiding your porn, taking her to joints you hate,
Training for a fucking marathon,
You’re not showing her the real you.
You’re showing her a highlight real you.
Thus, in fact, you’re conning her.

So what the hell is this all about?

Well I for one, in the spirit of courtship and the dating business, have a few words to say. I’m no love guru but at least hear me out eh?

When you start dating someone, you have 2 ways to let him or her get to know you. Either you show a fake you or you simply show the real you. It’s that plain and simple assuming both parties have agreed to start dating. After all, no one can really blame someone who chooses which method to take because that’s just the whole part of the game. You love, you hurt, you learn. And the circle goes on until you find the hurt tolerable enough and is at a point negligible compared to love.

Now dating based on deception have serious complications in the long run and you will really need to decide on 2 scenarios:

  1. If the other party finds out you’re a fraud, accept it’s the end. Over! Fin! Period! You’re a freakin’ moron for letting him or her find out. Or worse, a jerk for doing so in the first place (but yes I know love breeds jerks sometimes so I really can’t blame ya).
  2. Prepare to live a lie for the rest of your miserable life and maintain your false facade all throughout your “happily ever after” relationship. Besides, if the other party is happy, why kill the joy right?

On the other hand, dating based on showing who you really are still doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after either. The scenarios below are to be expected and is out of common sense:

  1. Think:
    • Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are
    • Dj Alvaro – Ang Tipo Kong Lalake
  2. Think:
    • Cee-lo – Fuck You
    • Pink – So What

And so whatever. You get to chose how you love. It’s your darn effin destiny that only someone else is involved and not us so no one cares. Just make sure you handle your scenarios well and take responsibility for each decision you make. Who knows, you just might stumble on that “happily ever after” after all.

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