Legend of the River of Memories

A long time ago, in the not so distant past that we, the human race, can’t even remember, memories didn’t exist. We lived to survive just for the day and did not have the luxury to remember about a thing the next day. Surely men remembered their names, the name of their wives and such, but that was just that. And while this may be like a curse for some, the people at that time didn’t think so. It was neither actually. For them, everyday being as mundane as the previous centuries that past is just plain ordinary. And you might have wondered why I even said centuries? Why certainly yes! For they have lived very long lives. The great heavenly deity have granted them such grandeur, that it took its toll of not having memories in exchange. Oh how caring and thoughtful that deity was. Imagine the burden of having to remember centuries after centuries of routinely crafted living. Atrocious! And so that’s how it was. In modern times one might even call it a robotic long life. More