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I Love You vs I Hate You

Bakit ang I hate you mas madaling sabihin sa I love you? Shouldn’t it be just as easy to say either since both just emphasize two equally opposite emotions? Pero bakit mas mahirap sabihin...


The Dating Game

In the movie titled My Best Friend’s Girl, Tank mentioned that Dustin was conning Alex by showing her a “highlight real him” on their dating activities.

I Knew a Smile 3

I Knew a Smile

I knew a smile A winsome smile A smile that’s warm and bliss I knew a hand A gentle hand A hand I love to kiss I knew a heart A loving heart A...


The Proposal à la Seven Wonders

There is this man who I know oh so well. He is all but an extravagant dreamer. For with his life’s wishes, he had a racetrack with no goal for it… yet. He wanted...