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The Dating Game

In the movie titled My Best Friend’s Girl, Tank mentioned that Dustin was conning Alex by showing her a “highlight real him” on their dating activities.

I Knew a Smile 3

I Knew a Smile

I knew a smile A winsome smile A smile that’s warm and bliss I knew a hand A gentle hand A hand I love to kiss I knew a heart A loving heart A...


101 Ways of Loving a Girl Named Anne

The following guide imposes no actual relations to any person in particular especially those with surnames having this complicated character “ñ”. I mean it! But if you really insist, then to whom it may...


The Parable of the Vain Princess

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” was the daily word of mouth this certain damsel who lived in a faraway land. Why if only the mirror could talk, it...