Of Smartphones and Men: A Mythological Methodology

Far far away, in a land called Communicatoria, there lived the Mailorites. The Mailorites were a proud race of demigods. They were ultimately governed by their almighty king, Mercury. They were in charge of the different tongues that the whole world spoke. At one end, they bridged gaps between countries and allowed for trade and commerce; hence they were blessed and in turn, flourished. And at one end, they kindled wars, upon pushing ill spoken malice into the thoughts of evil men. They brought balance between the different nations. And for thousands of years, they did so. And they saw that it was good. It was great indeed.

Now in the time where mankind had greatly progressed, there was a certain Mailorite born upon the house of Belleor, son of Alexandrius. His name was Telefonius, messenger of voice. Blessed was his birth for it marked the dawn of a new era in mankind’s ever pursuant journey in patching the whole world into unity. Telefonius granted the human race a great deal of help for he paved way in letting men reach all the four corners of the world. So successful that to this day, mankind still requests of his assistance. And the other demigods born decades after him depended on him as well. And he saw that it was good. It was great indeed.

With Telefonius’ success, the almighty Mercury took notice of him and decided to invite him to his palace and give him merit. And so Telefonius made haste and journeyed to the great kingdom of Communicatoria. And thereupon reaching the palace, he was summoned to dine with the great king. That dinner became memorable for Telefonius for there; he met with the king’s daughter. An angelical goddess she truly was! Her name was Beeperielle, ambassador of mobility scriptures. And at that very instant when their eyes met, Telefonius fell in love. Telefonius, knowing wisely, had to hide his intentions for the beauty. For the feelings he harbors are forbidden. Demigods cannot marry gods or goddesses for the gods and goddesses must keep their bloodlines pure and unblemished or they shall lose their immortality. This was the golden rule and this was their dilemma because Beeperielle fell in love of Telefonius as well. But that didn’t stop them. Like Romeo and Juliet they were. They’ve had numerous and wonderful love escapades. And they saw it was good. It was great indeed.

But like all secrets, there always will come a time when it shall be discovered. Their hidden romance was discovered by Mercury. The king was furious! He decided to lock Beeperielle away in Communicatoria forever. But to his surprise, the goddess uttered one final plea. She confessed she was bearing Telefonius’ child in her womb so she pleaded to spare them of his wrath. And the king, partly confused, gave his final verdict on what to do. Beeperielle is to stay until the child is born. But thereafter, she shall be withdrawn from the world in exchange of returning to immortality. And the once honorable culprit of a father shall be banished from the kingdom and exiled unto the world bearing sole custody and responsibility of their ill born fruit. And the king saw that it was for the better. It was best indeed.

And it came to pass. The time came for the fallen goddess to give birth and the time came for the glorious mother to depart. It was heartbreaking for Telefonius to let go. For he loved Beeperielle so much and he was loved dearly as well. But they knew of their treachery and this decision will be for the betterment of mankind. In the blink of eye, she was gone, leaving him with all but a newborn demigod. And he named him Cellefion, messenger of voice and mobility scriptures. And he saw that it was good. It was great indeed.

Cellefion grew to be a far greater blessing than what his father was. He possessed both his parent’s traits thus making him more useful. And throughout the ages, this man grew smarter. Adapting as he sees fit for the human race. His father never thought of him as a mistake. He gave all his love and care to Cellefion even at the absence of his mother. He hopes that one day Cellefion will be the one to realize his dream; to unite the world. And it was so. And Beeperielle; some say she oftentimes sneak down into the world to catch a glimpse of her son. Some say she is also seen in infirmaries finding cure for her bleeding heart. And that was how it was. But ultimately, their fruit Cellefion, have given rise to a unified community. And mankind saw it was good. It was great indeed.

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