Of Smartphones and Men: A Mythological Methodology

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9 Responses

  1. Lock Zackary says:

    i’m a self-professed critic-publisher
    and i don’t get how a demigod and a goddess will produce another demigod?
    “leaving him with all but a newborn demigod”

    which in the last paragraph was mentioned as a man:
    And throughout the ages, this man grew smarter.

    so can i ask what really begets from a demigod and a goddess?
    how come they become more powerful than their ancestor when technically they just possess 1/4th of a god’s power?


    • VeeBee says:

      because you are basing on the premise of the mythology norms while this story merely uses the same wordings and is utterly free to choose its own premise for its sense of originality.

      and with premise again, the answer to your second question; the succeeding generations can surpass its predecessors.

      and of course this premise wasn’t stated as it would bore the reader from such technicalities.

  2. ira elaine says:

    i like it vince!! 🙂 very creative.

  3. Mikee says:

    impressive! mythology ng communications my love story pa!

  4. glentot says:

    Ang galing ng mythology ng communications ah… May karugtong pa ito diba, the rise of Videofion… hehehe

    Ahhh Wangkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can’t decide if I loved her or hated her…

  5. Zyra Bambico says:

    “period(.) And blah blah blah” hihihi
    story was the nicest
    i should use this on my animation classes

    • VeeBee says:

      TRIVIA: I got the concept of this way back in 2nd year college when our dear filipino teacher Ms. Marilyn Wankey asked us to create our own “alamat”. And so I wrote this (in tagalog and much in its crude form). And she saw it was good. It was great indeed.

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