I Would

☐ out-rightly kiss a girl who plays a violin in front of me spontaneously

☐ like to relive my college life as a ladies man

☐ still want to learn how to roller-blades someday

☐ at one time, use fireflies in a jar instead of candles for a romantic dinner date

☐ finally workout my abs… I’m 4 packs short…

☐ like to learn how to speak in french and spanish

☐ like to cruise from El Nido, Phuket, Bora-bora, all the way to Maldives with someone very special

☐ deliberately break a law punishable by community service just to meet new people

☐ do something random and have never done before

☐ surprise a loved one or a lover, whichever is applicable

☐ sing in a vocal jazz band

☐ crash a stranger’s wedding but give the bride and groom a valuable gift

☐ practice how to smile nicely in front of the mirror

☐ date a porn star celebrity

☐ teach dumpster kids about computers

☐ eat something that disgusts me or simply one of my least favorite foods

☐ go for a road trip in a combi van dressed as hippies

☐ like to learn how to drive <- yes, sadly I still don’t know how

☐ send someone flowers on her workplace… anonymously

☐ meet some of our offshore clients from work

☐ think of a better marriage proposal with all the cheesy but insanely good ones getting published on the internet nowadays

☒ be more bold in expressing myself

☐ prank someone and film it for youtube

stop falling for girls with “anne” on their names

☐ drive by on top of a hill overlooking the citylights with your one and only <- possible locations: tagaytay

☐ get inked

stop being a wishful thinker and a hopeless romantic

☐ like to get married in front of a waterfall

☐ dress as a clown in a children’s hospital and make them happy

☐ try learning an extreme sport

☒ want to appear on tv, or at least make my youtube channel popular! dammit!

☒ kiss someone in public… oops btdt

☐ like to not make plans

☒ continue to live life by the day unbound by social norms

☐ steal a beggar’s peso

☐ watch a romance chick flick and cry with her

☐ give chocolates with a toothpaste, brush, and amoxicillin included

☒ cook more often for people I like

☒ take more instagram pictures for world domination!

☐ like to go back to bangkok

☐ participate on a flash mob performance

☐ like to continue in becoming a better person

☐ meet a fellow agnostic person from the opposite sex

☐ attend a funeral and sell them iPads as a digital tombstone

☒ be in someone’s shoes for a day

☐ spend the yuletide holidays with some family in the slums

☒ befriend a florist for reasons undisclosed

☐ go back in college for a one time sit-in class

☐ add more to this list and look forward to this year =)


Happy New Year!

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