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I Would

☐ out-rightly kiss a girl who plays a violin in front of me spontaneously ☐ like to relive my college life as a ladies man ☐ still want to learn how to roller-blades someday ☐ at one time, use fireflies in a jar...


I Love You vs I Hate You

Bakit ang I hate you mas madaling sabihin sa I love you? Shouldn’t it be just as easy to say either since both just emphasize two equally opposite emotions? Pero bakit mas mahirap sabihin...


Hindi Bilog ang Mundo

Papauwi ka na sa inyo ng ika’y namatay. Aksidente. Di man ito naging mabigat na balita, malagim pa rin gayunman. Iniwan mo ang iyong may-bahay at ang dalawa mong anak. Dead on the spot...


The Dating Game

In the movie titled My Best Friend’s Girl, Tank mentioned that Dustin was conning Alex by showing her a “highlight real him” on their dating activities.