VeeBee, my blog’s name, is derived from my name. This blog will mostly contain words of wisdom from yours truly, written in the not so orthodox way. It will occasionally have geeky posts as well like tech tidbits and such. But generally, it will contain a slice of life from the daily events and happenings circling around the person who is named Vincent Bambico.

I am a web developer by profession and a hobbyist musician at times. I like to read and write mostly about my views about life and philosophies which I either express through music via song writing, and hopefully through this blog.

I as a hobbyist, am into a lot of things actually. I like playing the guitar, writing music, singing, watching anime and other TV stuff. I’m also a self-proclaimed digital lomographer because I like involving myself into this so-called sentimental photography cult. I like indulging myself into food to a not so gluttonous extent. I am also a self-confessed coffee addict and I admit I partake more of it than water.

As your average run of the mill geek, I like developing websites for both fun and as my primary source of money to buy weed (lol no on the weed part!). Oftentimes when I am not acting as the hobbyist, I make pet projects for honing my professional skills. And though there’s been numerous times that other people have tried to put me down, I’ve just been getting really good at it (so suck that you mofo’s!).

People who don’t know me firsthand oftentimes I give really bad first impressions and mistake me for a jerk. But here’s the deal, I am conceited for those who do not know me, and a true friend to those who do. So mate, cut me some slack and get to know me better first before you misjudge for some joke.

Do stick around here in my blog and you may do get to know me better than simply reading this About page.